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by Micaela Joy

For that alone, it is worthy of being loved and celebrated.

Your body is your home.

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It's your turn to have photos of yourself that you absolutely LOVE! It's your turn to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in your skin!

All those badass goddesses of all different ages, shapes, and sizes that you see on TikTok, shaking their stuff without covering all their "imperfections"? You think you could never be like them... But they once thought the same.

Now I'm not saying you'll leave our Tampa boudoir photography studio ready to dance on TikTok - I suck at dancing, so that won't be my journey, and it might not be yours either!

But this is your chance to see that the only difference between you and those confident ladies is taking that first big step out of your comfort zone, and being open to the idea that... Maybe you CAN be that confident in yourself!

If you've been waiting for a sign...

this is it.

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“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.

You just take it."

—Roseanne Barr

Hi, I'm Micaela (she/her)! I am a full time Tampa boudoir photographer with a passion for tearing down purity culture and helping women feel beautiful, confident, and empowered.

I grew up in Canada, but moved to Tampa after I married my husband, Chris. He's my biggest supporter and the absolute best part of my life! We love jet-skiing, making fancy cocktails, and going on Disney trips together 🥰

I LOVE dressing up and looking feminine, but you'll almost never catch me in makeup unless it's for photos 🙈I can't be bothered!

I'm the oldest of 6 kids, and I learned photography in my preteen and teen years by taking fashion portraits of my sisters and friends to show them how gorgeous they are. I can't wait to do the same for you!

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Meet Micaela

my journey from shame to freedom

Why Boudoir?

If you had told me when I first picked up a camera that I would one day find my calling in photographing women in lingerie, I would have laughed. The religion I grew up in put a huge emphasis on modesty and taught me that female bodies were meant to be covered up so men wouldn't sin. I didn't want to make anyone sin!

Purity culture causes so much harm, like slut-shaming women who show “too much skin,” sexualizing young girls, and creating shame around topics of sex and sexuality. These feelings of shame often made me feel uncomfortable in my body, made me feel responsible for others' thoughts and actions, and put me in a vulnerable place when I started dating.

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When I left religion and purity culture behind, boudoir became a huge part of my healing and growth. As I shed layers of clothing, I also released my shame and the feeling that my body was “bad.” I no longer feel responsible for what others do.

Boudoir photography does so many different things for different people. It can show you your beauty in a new light, help you to appreciate and maybe even love your body through all stages of life, make you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident, and so much more...

For me specifically, boudoir photography is healing, empowering, and most of all, freeing. And that is a feeling that I want everyone to experience!

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from past boudoir clients


"I couldn't believe that was me! I almost cried when I saw the photos."

- Ms. J

"The photos were amazing, but the confidence it gave me was priceless."

- Ms. S

"Micaela is so good at making you feel comfortable on camera."

- Ms. C

"Everyone needs to do a boudoir shoot at least once! It was so much fun!"

- Ms. K

"This shoot was such a confidence booster! I left feeling like a badass!"

- Ms. M

"My boyfriend encouraged me to do a shoot because I've gained some weight and I had trouble believing him when he complimented my looks. Micaela truly helped me see what he sees! Looking at my pictures for the first time, I was in shock. That's ME?!! I'm hot! He's going to DIE when he sees these photos!"

- Ms. K

"I was in shock. That's ME?!! I'm hot!"

"So I have a confession. I don’t always feel pretty and I have insecurities just like anyone. And sometimes I allow those insecurities to take over and get me down. BUT... On this day I let go of all of those insecurities. On this day I felt absolutely beautiful, sexy, classy, gorgeous, and just plain good about myself."

- Ms. c

"I felt absolutely beautiful, sexy, classy, gorgeous..."

"Micaela is by far the best photographer I’ve worked with! I was extremely nervous before my boudoir photoshoot with her but as soon as I arrived she made me feel extremely comfortable & above all gave me so much confidence! She is highly professional & I will recommend her to all of my friends!"

- Ms. p

"I will recommend her to all of my friends!"

"My boudoir experience with Micaela was nothing short of amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and helped me break out of my comfort zone in ways that improved my confidence immensely. I had no prior experience in posing and she was able to walk me through all of it. The photos came out amazing!"

- Ms. N

"She made me feel so comfortable..."

To protect privacy, the photo may not be of the reviewer.

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"So I have a confession. I don’t always feel pretty and I have insecurities just like anyone. And sometimes I allow those insecurities to take over and get me down. BUT... On this day I let go of all of those insecurities. On this day I felt absolutely beautiful, sexy, classy, gorgeous, and just plain good about myself."

- MRs C

the micaela joy boudoir experience

What to Expect

We'll chat over the phone to discuss the details of your boudoir photoshoot, answer your questions, and get you booked for your date!

Phone consultation

email guidance

Hair + makeup


ordering appointment

product arrival







Leading up to your boudoir session, you'll get emails that help you prepare, including ideas for where to shop and what to bring.

When you arrive on the day of the session, you'll start with complimentary hair and makeup by one of the professional makeup artists on my team.

Your boudoir session will last about two hours. I'll coach you through all the poses and hype you up, while listening to some empowering music!

2 weeks after your session, you'll come back to the studio to view your photos and order all your favorites! I'll help you pick albums and wall art too.

4-6 weeks after your ordering appointment, your album and any wall art you've ordered will arrive at the studio! You'll drop by and take all your goodies home to enjoy forever!

She believed she could.

So she did.

I know you're probably thinking - "These women must all be models!! No way you can make me look like that..."

And hell yeah, these women are all gorgeous!! But it's not because they're models. In fact, not a single one of them is!

These are lawyers, teachers, realtors, doctors, mothers, college students, etc. They have scars, stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, and wrinkles. They have days where they struggle to love themselves just as they are. Some of them even thought the same thing you do - that they could never look like this!

What do they have in common? All these gorgeous women made a decision to take a big step towards believing in themselves when they booked their boudoir photoshoot. And so can you.

real boudoir transformations

Before & After

let's talk ⟶

Boudoir can be...

• A form of self-care.
• A way to break out of your comfort zone and boost your confidence.
• A step on your journey to accepting or even loving yourself and your body as it is.
• A step on your journey to healing from trauma, whether it be from purity culture, the patriarchy, sexual trauma, a toxic relationship, etc.
• A cheeky gift for a partner, or for yourself ;)
• A way to celebrate a big life change - a new look, a milestone birthday, etc.
• A way to document your growth and your beauty.
• An excuse to treat yourself to new lingerie, a makeover, and professional photos!
• A chance to simply reconnect with yourself.
• And so much more!

Boudoir photography can be freeing, empowering, healing, even life-changing... But at the simplest level, it is a chance to take a day out of your busy life to invest in yourself and put your happiness first!

freeing, empowering, & healing

Boudoir Photography

email address

Tampa, florida


It's time to take the boudoir photos of your dreams! If you’d like to find out more about about your Tampa boudoir photography experience, use the form below and I'll be in touch within 24 business hours.

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M-f - 10am-5pm

office hours

Thank you so much for your message! You'll hear back form me within 24-48 business hours and I'll send you a little more information about the wedding experience as well as a few more questions for you so we can keep getting to know each other!

Talk to you soon! xoxo,

Thank you!

Leading up to the photo shoot, I’ll send you multiple emails that prep you on things like what to bring and what to wear. I have lists of places to shop for lingerie, tips for what styles look best on camera, and more! While you’re getting your hair and makeup done before the shoot, we will go over the wardrobe items you brought and pick the best outfits.

We will have time to photograph 4-6 outfits, but I recommend bringing about 8-10 to choose from since not everything photographs as well on camera as it looks in person! 

I recommend leaving the tags on anything you bought new, in case we don’t end up using it and you want to return it. Or you can keep it all and use this as an excuse to build your lingerie wardrobe ;)

Nope! You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! We will have time for about 4-6 outfits during your boudoir session, but the choice of what outfits you bring is completely up to you.

Most clients stick to lingerie, but you could do outfits like a bralette and jeans, an off-the-shoulder sweater and shorts, a favorite dress, your partner’s shirt or a sports jersey over underwear, etc., or you could choose to go topless or nude for part of the shoot.

You can choose to be more covered or less covered, and we’ll stick to your preferred level(s) of covering throughout the whole session.

We have a women-only staff, and you are in control of who is present at your shoot. It will be between 2-4 people total (including you)!

Typically it will be you, me, and my makeup artist for the first 60-90 minutes while you are getting your hair and makeup done. Then the makeup artist usually leaves and it will be just you and me, unless (with your permission) she stays for a portion of the session to take some behind the scenes video and assist with making sure your hair and makeup stay in place. 

If you skip hair and makeup, it will be just you and me. 

If it makes you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring one female guest over the age of 18, as long as I have advance warning and your guest agrees to abide by the studio rules.

Yes, hair and makeup is included as a complimentary service and will be done on location when you arrive at the studio. My main makeup artist is Emily from Em Sofia Beauty, and she is fabulous at creating makeup looks that look great on camera! If Emily is unavailable, I will pull from my or Emily’s network of professional makeup artists to find someone who will take amazing care of you!

Of course! None of my clients are models, and most of them come worried that they won’t know what to do with their hands. But don’t worry, posing is my job! I’ll walk you through exactly how to pose from head to toe, and even demonstrate most of the poses for you so you can see what it’ll look like!

All photos will first be edited for consistency in things like color, contrast, and lighting. Then they will go through some retouching to add a very light amount of skin smoothing, and to remove temporary skin marks like blemishes and bruises. 

As a general rule, if it will be gone in a week or two, it gets removed, but things like freckles, birthmarks, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc. stay. They are a part of your body and your story, and our goal is to help you to appreciate them!

However, you will have the opportunity to request additional retouching to remove or minimize some of those things if desired. Depending on the difficulty of the edits, additional charges may apply. 

On the flip side, you can request to skip the skin smoothing and/or temporary blemish removal if preferred!

We do not change your size or body type with our retouching.

Absolutely! I only share photos of clients who have given me permission to share their photos by signing a model release. You can choose to give me permission to share all your photos, to share only the photos that don’t show your identity, or to keep them all completely private.

It is totally normal to be nervous for your boudoir session! It doesn’t matter what type of photo session it is - you don’t get professional photos done every day, so this may be a little out of your comfort zone. But it is only through going out of our comfort zones that we grow and gain confidence!

Every step of our Tampa boudoir photography experience is designed to ensure you feel comfortable and minimize your nerves - from the initial phone consultation where you can ask any questions you have, to the emails we’ll send to help prepare you for the session, to our women-only staff, to spending time chatting and getting to know each other during hair and makeup, to posing guidance that never leaves you wondering what you should do with your hands. We’ll also play upbeat music during the shoot to keep you feeling hyped and confident - and you can even choose your own favorite music if you prefer! 

The first 10-20 minutes of any photoshoot, whether it be family photos, headshots, engagement photos, or boudoir, are always the most nerve-racking, since it takes a little bit to warm up to the camera. But I promise, a few minutes in and you’ll be having fun and feeling like the badass queen you are!!

If you wait until you are fully in love with your body to take these photos, you may never take them! Boudoir photography is all about capturing and celebrating who you are through all stages of life. This is a great opportunity to take a step towards accepting your body for exactly how it is right now! 

Before the session, you will have the chance to let me know your favorite features and your least favorite. I will typically coach you through posing that will emphasize your favorite features while de-emphasizing those you’d rather not focus on. But let me know if you’d like me to do the opposite and actually focus on your least favorite features so you can practice appreciating them - I can absolutely do that too!

You can currently book up to a year in advance. Most of my clients book me about 3 months before their preferred session date.

Note that products can take up to 6 weeks to come in after your order is paid in full, so if you plan to give your album as a gift, I can chat with you about options to make sure your boudoir session and ordering appointment happen early enough before the date you’d like to give the gift! For Christmas gifts, your session will need to take place before November 1st.

Yes! If you know someone who would love a boudoir photography experience like this, send me an email at and we can discuss options for gifting it to them!

"At some point you just have to decide

to BE that woman you've always known you could be."


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