November 13, 2017

Ariana and Alex || Scarborough Bluffs Styled Anniversary Session

I met Ariana this summer through a Facebook group for photographers because we lived in the same city, and when we met up in person to do each others’ headshots, we immediately hit it off! She, along with her husband Alex, are a Guelph wedding photographer DREAM TEAM, and not long after I met Ariana, they let me tag along to one of their weddings and shoot with them! Weddings are stressful, but they handled each challenge with patience, grace, and support for one another. Their marriage inspires me so much!!

So I couldn’t help but ask them if they’d get in front of my camera together. And when they said yes, I started getting excited and kept taking it one step further… First I asked if they wanted to trek out to the Scarborough Bluffs, which they told me was actually where they’d had their engagement photos done!! And then I was like, “What if we got a bouquet? And a flower crown?” And Ariana was SO on board!!! With each new idea, she was like “YES, let’s do it!!” So it quickly escalated into a full anniversary styled shoot on the beach!

There were lots of challenges along the way, though. Besides the flowers, which were done by the incredible ladies at Blooms and Flora, I tried to pull everything together myself. It was so fun to do, but I couldn’t find everything I needed, and still had to buy things the day of the shoot, and the cake I’d made was falling apart, so we had to hide the damage with flowers, and the sun set behind the Bluffs way earlier than actual sunset so we were losing light crazy fast… I learned so much from this one little session!

But even with all the challenges, we had a great session, we had a LOT of fun, and I just LOVED getting to know Ariana and Alex more!

This is their wedding invitation from two years ago, featuring a photo that they did during their engagement session at the Scarborough Bluffs!

These are some of the lyrics to their first dance song at their wedding!! “Better Together” by Jack Johnson!

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