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Absolutely! I LOVE to travel, and even offer a special rate for destination weddings, especially my dream destinations! Head over to the contact page, shoot me a message, and I’ll tell you all about it! For weddings closer to home, travel fees are included for weddings within 100 km of Guelph. If you’re getting married farther away, ask me for a personalized quote!

Do you travel?


Yes! Always! A wedding day moves so fast, and it’s so easy to miss important moments when there’s only one photographer. Having two means that we can capture two things at the same time, like the groom’s reaction AND the bride walking down the aisle, or the couple saying their vows AND mom wiping away a tear! We can also be more creative, getting two different angles and using two different lenses to give you more variety! That’s the experience I want for all my couples!

Do you work with a second photographer?


Wedding photography is unique, and calls for many different approaches throughout the day! My shooting style on a wedding day is a cross between photojournalistic and editorial. I love capturing authentic moments. I’ll also take my time with the images of your details and venue, because I know you put a lot of time and care into making sure everything looks stunning! 

What is your shooting style?


My editing style is natural and bright! I feel this really reflects the joy and excitement of a wedding day! I make sure to eliminate distractions while shooting, so that I can get your photos to you faster. On a fast-paced wedding day, though, this isn’t always possible! For the images that I blog, submit for publishing, or include in your wedding album, I’ll do a more careful edit.

What type of editing do you do?


It’s so much fun to find inspiration online, isn’t it? There are so many beautiful photos out there! I can totally take inspiration from something you’ve seen, but I can never outright copy another photographer, nor can I guarantee that I’ll be able to get you that exact shot (Even if it’s one of my own!)—I’d rather spend the time working to get you something that is fresh, creative, and completely you!

Can you take a picture like the one I saw on...


It varies for every wedding, but you will typically receive about 75-100 high res, edited jpg images per hour of coverage! This means that for an 8-hour wedding, you can expect somewhere around 600-800 photos!

How many photos do you get?


I always dress like a wedding guest, so I can blend in with the crowd! And honestly, I just love the excuse to dress up! You’re most likely to see me in some combination of a dress and a blazer, or maybe a skirt and a blouse, and my second shooter will do the same!

What will you wear?


My wedding experiences start at eight hours because it is so important to me to tell the whole story of your day! I want you to be able to look back and remember everything from the quiet moments spent getting ready with your family and best friends to your killer moves on the reception dance floor!

Do you shoot shorter weddings?


I typically stay for 30 minutes to an hour after the dancing starts, because that’s when: A) the most people are on the dance floor, B) the people on the dance floor are still looking their best, and C) the photos are still unique. If the timeline runs behind and you need to push major events back, I will definitely stay later if you ask! My hourly rate will apply!

How late do you stay?


I don’t typically do this, no! As a photographer, I’m always prepared to react to any type of lighting situation! In the bridal guide that you’ll receive after you book with me, I give you some of my best tips for choosing wedding venues and photo locations, so you can feel confident in the places you’ve chosen. 

Will you help scout our wedding location?